It’s about the music.  There’s something about that moment when you can feel every bit of the singer’s soul over the mic, or when the drums just hit that spot in your chest and you have no choice but to move your body.  You know it’s special when the strings sound like you’re sitting in the front row of the symphony, or when you can tell the songwriter has spilled every ounce of their heart onto the pad.  There’s something even more special about the moment when it all comes together.  I don’t know about you but those are the moments we live for!

Hi, we’re Uzoma Udogwu, known by many as Uzi, and Alex Gray and together we make up recording, producing, and mixing team at Orpheus Sounds.  Our mission is to help facilitate that special moment when everything comes together in sonic harmony.  And guess what?  If something doesn’t feel or sit right for us, I promise you, we will express our opinion.  If you have an issue with that, then we might not be the right studio for you but if you’re like our other clients who are tired of engineers who just push the record button and don’t give a shit, then you’re in the right place.  We’re a team that is passionate about making sure your final product is the best it can possibly be for you and your fanbase because for us, it’s about the music.